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What's the source of psychological unwanted thoughts?

I'm 27 and since mom moved out of state (Oregon) and left me home alone I've been plagued by these thoughts of destruction and death, my question, what's the source?, could I be developing a mental illness?, I am kind of hypochondriac and fear illnesses. 

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    Lets put it this way; one treatment for intrusive thoughts is having the therapist follow you around the room and say the things you don't want to hear to you. That's just my sense of humor! If you're a hypochondriac I'd say "see ya, don't die of cancer before our next meetup!" Your wife not paying attention to you anymore? "you're also fat and ugly so there's no hope of having sex again if she leaves you."

    They bubble up when you press them down. Try to say out loud to yourself the thoughts you want to avoid. "I'm probably going to have a long, painful death at some point where my family will suffer for the rest of their lives because of it." Write it down, research it. For example, after my mom's death I became obsessed with learning everything about the funeral industry and burial processes. Some people will start crying 50 years later when you mention embalming fluid because ti bubbled up for them.

    And finally for the therapeutic processes as well as practical issues, really plan out what you would do if your fears happened. I think it's that fear of the unknown that keeps us complacent in not dealing with the emotions associated and those become tangible chemicals that stay with us and build up to create intrusive thoughts and explosions of emotions at inappropriate times.

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