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Please help me ?

I’m in a good relationship, only 6 months in. He treats me well however he speaks to me horribly, always calling me names and picking at my flaws but when I confront him he tells me how good he treats me. Every single time I leave his house I feel alone and that he doesn’t respect and love me as much as I do him. Breaking up is not an option because aside the way he speaks to me everything is perfect. I just need help on what to do or how to cope. We’re both in our 20’s and I’m on birth control so I was thinking maybe I’m a bit more sensitive?

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    obviously you care about some things as you honor your relationship most.  Fact is youre a good person, and you mean well, but till you consider a real honorable relationship leading to marriage in as I had no future..ikr I was there too, then I repented of my sins asking Jesus into my heart to help me and be my friend, worked

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    What you describe is that it's ok to have emotional abuse if there is no physical abuse.

    FYI... The emotional abuse that you are receiving is much worse than the physical abuse like a bruise or a busted arm that can heal much quicker.

    The way he talks to you is a means of control. He doesn't have any respect for you as a person, just something that is "his" and he makes sure that you don't leave by tearing you down.

    You deserve much better.

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    How can calling you names and being unkind and disrespectful add up to treating you well? This is not love! He is using you for his own sexual gratification and to try to boost his ego, which is clearly not good if he feels a need to bully you. STOP having sex with him - and stop seeing him! One day you'll meet someone kind and decent and confident and you'll wonder why you were ever with this weakling. 

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    Let's read over what you have written here - "He treats me well however he speaks to me horribly"

    "Calling me names and picking at my flaws,"

    "maybe I’m just sensitive"

    If a friend came to you & told you her boyfriend was doing this would you be telling her she is just being overly sensitive or would you be telling her that the way he is making her feel about herself is not ok? 

    Doing 1 nice thing for you doesn't negate the mean, horrible comments. 

    You deserve a real relationship - one where the person you are with is kind & caring in both words & actions. 

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