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What kind of moron doesn't want a cure for autism?

Excuse me but how can being forever single, with no friends, unemployment not being able to leave your house and travel on your own, always dependent on your parents, prone to obsessions and addictions.

How is that a "blessing"

Only a fool would think otherwise and not want a cure.

It should be illegal to have autism.

Be it low functioning in which you bang your head and scream all day long whilst in diapers or high functioning in which you're a fat NEET who still lives with his parents

How sickening.

I hate my older sister. She has a minimum wage job and still lives with us because she's autistic and doesn't know how to act and be like a sane and indipendent 24 yr old adult.

How sickening.. whenever I hear those autistic freaks not want a cure I feel like o need to slap some sense into them.

Btw I will always hate my sister no matter how smart she is.

Her autism defines the border from human to subhuman

Which implies she's not like the average human.

Haha I'd bed she'd be in the nazi camps wearing badges if she lived during Hitler's reign

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I'm pretty sure you're a troll. but if you're serious people with not everyone with autisim is different I know someone with autism and he is a lawer and has a big house with a large family.

  • 8 months ago

    Some people see autism as the new "normal". Of course, if it would be "fashion" to cut the right hand off, a two handed human would be an outsider. 

    Autism is not what the nature wants - nobody could survive in nature and die fast. Autism is treatable but nobody wants it.

    There are therapy methods which work but you will not read that in media - media is part of brainwash propaganda. 

    Autistic people are full of environmental toxins. 

  • Goerge
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Your reaction is normal for some people. They lack the insight and empathy(nothing like sympathy) to understand that person is different. They can't see past their own nose because when they try they are still looking through their own eyes. Show that person with their pinky finger missing or they have a tumor growing out of their cheek they could understand those differences but once it's not in picture form they lose all sight. There's no changing them because they enjoy the taunting. They know they're in the right but they too are deaf. And therein lies their own mental illness.

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