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Why is Facebook report system abysmal?

Blatantly fake profiles going against the terms & services, yet all reports lead back to 'nothing to see here, do you want to block'. Oh, so this fake account using a Justin Bieber nude fake as their profile picture with thousands of friends tied to other fake accounts is A-Okay on Facebook yet my summer Bikini photo I uploaded is against the terms & services.

Hey, Facebook want to supply jobs? Hire people rather then a blanket computer to go through your site.

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    Real people view reports, the problem is Facebook don't have a proper training program and basically tell the employees to use common sense.

    There was an article not that long ago about it, which also spoke about how they're mistreated. They have to look at things like beheadings, animal/child abuse and even child pornography. It was stated that they get like 10 mintues of supervised "crying time" in the stairwell when things get too much for them. A lot of employees who do moderation don't last long.

    Edit: Out of curiosity, what would you say is worse than a baby being beaten to death or raped?

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    8 months ago

    Its the way it is its there Site there Rules If you dont like the way they Run there Site you can Leave you have a Choice

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