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Wisdom teeth removal?

I'll be getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed ( not impacted they found a cavity on one and said it's better to do all 4 then 1). How long does the pain last after, what's the best food to eat and when will I be able to eat solid food again??

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    Follow whatever directions your dentist gives you.

    Every person is different, but the pain is actually surprisingly minor and really isn't that big of a deal within just a day or two.

    Some of the best foods to eat is anything that is very soft.  Jello, pudding, mashed potatoes, any vegetable that cooks to a soft consistency are good options.   Pasta can even be a decent option.  Anything that is soft will work.

    One thing  you will want to avoid is hot liquids.  Hot liquids can dissolve the clot that will be forming in the sockets and can cause dry socket - which can be very painful.  So, soup is actually not a good option unless you don't mind eating in when it is barely warm.

    After about 48 hours, you will find that you can eat almost anything if you chew very carefully.  At that point, the main things to avoid is things that crunch - like chips or hard shell tacos.  The points on crunchy foods can hit the holes and hurt.  

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    I seriously suggest getting a consultation with a holistic dentist, I got one recently, and before, I read about them, 'whole body dentistry'....anyways, they are detectives, and are the best around, they extracted my root canal teeth and leaking amalgams and the pain meds they gave me were so outstanding, a cpl yrs later I still find it hard to believe how great they were, I did not feel doped up, not drowsy, I felt normal, could easily drive my car, and there was no pain .....a complete opposite of my many experiences with regular dentists.....Yelp dot com use your zipcode to locate one, or not, your choice....

  • Anonymous
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    Well you will realize how not bad it is for eating and grilled cheese soup, ice cream

    yogart are things you know that will work and all other can foods with frozen food meals are so so soft. 

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