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What is wrong with me?

I’ve been struggling with the following for a while, but recently it’s getting worse. I always have such negative thoughts and feelings about myself. I think I’m way too weird, and it honestly shocks me that there are people who are interested in being my friend. I feel like I’m constantly comparing myself to others. While physical appearance is part of it, I think most of the insecurity comes from my personality and the way I act. I feel like I’m way too stupid and I say dumb things all of the time, and I just think that other people, including my friends, are just much better/fun people to be around. The friends that are very important to me, I always worry and think that I’m not important to them at all and I worry that they judge me. I just have so many doubts and negative thoughts about myself. I’m not sure why I feel like that but I feel that it’s getting worse and I’m honestly not sure what to do. I’ve been considering talking to my older brother about the whole situation. We’re really close and honestly he’s one of my best friends. I’m just not sure if I should tell him but all of it is just bottling up which I feel makes it worse. Seriously not sure what to do.

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    If you trust your brother, go ahead and talk to him. You are suffering from low self esteem, and such things tend to be long lasting. However, you can take steps to boost your self esteem. These could include volunteering somewhere to make new friends, getting a part time job, joining a club of some kind, playing volleyball, or doing a lot of walking (exercise is directly related to well being). None of these things is miraculous, but they will help.

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    You’re young. It’s obvious. I’m guessing you’re between 14 and 17. Look, you need to know that just like your body is growing and changing so is your brain, and what you have is an incomplete brain right now. The chemical soup that creates every emotion and impulse isn’t exactly firing the way it did when you were small or how it’ll work when you’re a full grown adult in your early to mid twenties. Your brain is messing with you. You’re having these thoughts, doubts and feelings, and even you can’t figure out why you’re having them. Why do your friends hang out with you? Because they like you and see nothing at all wrong with you. And guess what? They’re going through the exact same thing feeling doubt and insecure and thinking something’s wrong with them, too. Trust me. I was there, too. It passes. Just know your brain is messing with you and the sadness and doubt isn’t real. I know it feels real, but it’ll pass. You’re alright.

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    Talk to you're bro,then step back and take a look at the world,because trust me you will see alot worse than yourself.

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