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Urethra reroute?

I have been thinking about getting one for a good 5 years now and beleve now would be a good time to get the reroute. Pros would be not cuming out the shaft and into the chick unless i cover the hole. Con is sitting to pee unless i cover the hole. Most of the time I sit anyway. I know im more likley to get a uti but i keep myself vary clean. My question is who would I go to for one. Would like to start it off with a piercing but idk how it should be done 

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  • Roddy
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    1 month ago

    It is not clear from your message as to whether you HAVE a hypospadias now and are considering getting it revised to normal or if you are thinking of getting an artificial hypospadias by cutting away at your urethra.

    The first case would make eminent sense. The second would be absolutely stupid and could result in you effectively being sterile.

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