What is iss (individual support and services) rent subsidy grant?

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    OPWDD ISS Housing SubsidyOPWDD supports people to live as independently in the community as possible by helping with housing costs. This help comes in the form of a housing subsidy for your home or apartment. You will be expected to contribute 30% of your income to housing costs. You are responsible for paying the part of the cost that is more than your housing subsidy.Some options are: Market Rate Home/Apartment: You may use your housing subsidy toward any house or apartment that is for sale or rent.Subsidized Apartment: You may get limited housing support to use toward a Housing Choice (Section 8) subsidized apartment.Public Housing: You may get a housing subsidy to live in public housing that is affordable rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and people with all types of disabilities.Customized Residential Option: You may use your housing subsidy toward the cost of a non-certified, single-family home owned by a not-for-profit agency who rents the house to people with developmental disabilities. Each person who lives in the house has his or her own lease. Tenants work together to decide the rules of the house.For more information about OPWDD’s ISS housing subsidy, contact your  Care Manager, the Front Door or the Individual Supports and Services (ISS) contact at your local Developmental Disabilities Regional Office (DDRO).Read the  E-Visory issued about the ISS housing subsidy.


    The OPWDD Individual Supports and Services (ISS) Housing Subsidy works like other government funded housing subsidies that you may be familiar with, such as the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (i.e., Section 8).It is designed to support income eligible people with developmental disabilities who choose to live in their community and who will be financially and legally responsible (i.e. lease holder) for their housing unit as a responsible tenant.Tenants are expected to contribute approximately 30% of their countable income towards housing costs. The ISS Housing Subsidy pays the difference up to the maximum allowable.The person can choose to live alone, with roommates and/or with a live-in-caregiver. The person may also be eligible for assistance with their security deposit and other moving expenses.

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