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I divorced my husband for this new guy and now the new guy is barely talking to me. I haven’t heard from in 2 days. Wtf ?

feel like he only wants sex. Also we used to talk all the time now he barely calls or texts me. Marriage with my husband was dying and becoming dull.. then we were arguing so much. I wrote it off as us being incompatible so I divorced and started talking to this new guy and we seemed to hit it off great we were on the phone laughing and joking for hours. My husband doesn’t have a sense of humor. My husband is more serious minded and he’s more of a protector kind of person who likes to look out for people’s safety. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I think I mostly fell for him because he made me laugh all the time all day. We went on a couple dates in person and had sex and the sex was kind of weird because I’m used to passionate sex when the man kisses me and makes me feel so loved. He immediately went into penetration with no foreplay no kissing and he came in like 10 seconds. Then I asked him if he was gonna kiss me and he acted like he didn’t even want to foreal he gave me a peck. No deep passionate kissing. I was like is this dude serious. He act like he was afraid to kiss me but wasn’t afraid to have sex. I don’t get it.he said he’s taking me to out to dinner and to bowling next weekend for a date so he is interested in me but why the lack of passion and romance? He seemed like the type to be extremely passionate and romantic especially with our long phone calls


I’m telling y’all that this new guy was sooooooo into me he was sending me paragraph texts everyday and he even missed sleep staying up late talking to me. I don’t know why he’s acting weird now

Update 2:

2 days ago he said he wanted to go to dinner and bowling this upcoming weekend but I haven’t heard from him.  He never responded to my text. I know he’s alive because he’s been active in Facebook posting statuses and everything 

Update 3:

I was telling the new guy “ honestly I’m starting to fall for you. I really like you. I love our vibes. The energy is amazing. Please don’t break my heart.” And a couple of weeks ago he was telling me that we have an amazing vibe and we have an amazing conversation and everything 

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    He could be busting up marriages by doing what he is doing. He might find breaking up couples gives him a weird satisfaction. 

    Now that he is done breaking up your marriage he has moved on to the next couple to break them up. I would just forget about him, and start hanging around with the people you're normally hanging out with. You don't need to be dangled on a string like he's doing to you.

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    wow...your ex husband is sooooo lucky. You sound like a real brilliant one.

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    First your husband and now the "new guy"?? I guess you can now figure out who is the cause of your problems.

  • 8 months ago how many times r u going to ask this same ole question..

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    Why do you want to bother with a man like that? His lack of passion and romance will destroy your relationship. It's not hard to see that as far as sex goes he's only interested in pleasing himself. You're used to passionate sex when the man kisses you and makes you feel loved. But the picture is clear that you will never get that from your new man. The best thing for you to is to end it now before you get too involved with him, and chances are you could end up with a broken heart.

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