I have not followed the NFL for many years...?

I have not followed the NFL for many years. Nor have I had cable television for many years as well.

So to attempt to tune into the play off games Sunday that I presumed would air on my Iphone  NFL Network app, I was a bit taken back to see the games were not available on the Leagues own app. I was directed to sign in with CBS all access.

I am out of the loop it seems as I was under the impression you turn on the TV on the day the game is to be played. Then the NFL  puppets tell you a bunch of stuff that is self explanatory just to fill time before the game on a local channel,then the game starts and I watch said game munching on my salsa, chips and chicken wings. This was not the case. So will someone be so kind to explain to me...

Why would the NFL have their product unavailable to the maximum number of viewers so those advertising could get to the maximum number of eye sockets that may be interested in the products goods or services the marketers are pedaling ?

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  • 8 months ago
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    The NFL doesn't get the advertising dollars, the networks do.  The networks pay the NFL handsomely for the exclusive right to broadcast the games. The networks recoup their investment by selling advertisements.  

    I'm sure someone knows a way to stream the live games for free, but the NFL and the networks try to make it as hard as possible to do it.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    The NFL is kind of backward in these kind of these things. It has to do with contracts but still I think it's absurd that I can't watch the same thing they're showing for free on TV. There are apps but I doubt you'll find them at the Apple store. Maybe upgrade to an Android. 

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