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What is the drinking water standard?


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    In the USA, the term refers to those regulations from USEPA that govern the levels of contaminants that can not be in drinking water.

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    There are lots of standards, one for each "contaminant". In addition, different countries or groups of countries have their own sets of standards. Generally, North America and Western Europe have the most stringent standards and the WHO standards are the most lax. Sometimes, there ARE no standards. In Sana'a (Yemen), the water-sellers fill up at the Grand Mosque tap. That water has been tested and the bacteria were listed as TNTC, Too Numerous To Count or more than 200 cfu (colony-forming units) per 100 ml. In other words, people who drink that water unfiltered are essentially chewing their water.

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    Eight glasses a day according to some people.

    Others recommend that you only drink when you are thirsty.

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    It defines what levels of pollutants or additives are acceptable in public drinking water. These are usually defined by the federal government but in the US each state (or even cities/counties) could require stricter guidelines

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