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Why is it wrong to call a depressed person a bad person because they use alcohol to feel better?

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  • 8 months ago

    It is not possible to use alcohol as a depressed person to feel better.

    Alcohol is a depressant.

  • 8 months ago

    You are suggesting that a person who is depressed is not a fool if he uses alcohol in order to feel better. That is probably one of the daftest suggestions that I have ever heard, and sounds very like someone trying to find a fine sounding excuse to get totally pissed because it masks out the cause of his depression.

    Bloody ridiculous. Thats like saying that if you constantly have a monumental piss up, that all your illnesses will disappear. Indeed they will. Suggest that you introduce this idea to the national health. They have been looking for such a cure-all for years.

  • 8 months ago

    Yes, because the best of people have abused alcohol.   A little empathy might help that person a lot. 

  • 8 months ago

    Yes it is.

    Why don't you get them help instead.

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  • 8 months ago

    They aren't a bad person, their copping mechanism is bad and unhelpful but calling them bad builds up anger towards them on your part and shame on their part which is unhelpful for both its so hard to deal with people in those situations but I don't think calling them a bad person is massively helpful

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    8 months ago

    because you obviously need a friend to teach you the right way

  • 8 months ago

    Because alcohol is a depressant.  If it's making you feel better you're not depressed.  It's wrong to give yourself mental health problems you don't have.

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