Can i Drive a moped (legally) with a learners permit in Conneticut?

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  • Bort
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    1 year ago

    You need a valid license to operate any motor vehicle in any state of the US. We need a valid drivers license before we can get a motorcycle permit. It's not possible to get a motorcycle learners permit if you don't already have a drivers license. 

    "If your scooter has at least a 50cc engine size, it must be registered and display a license plate in Connecticut. Scooters with 49cc motors are actually considered mopeds and do not need to be registered, though you still need a driver's license to operate them."

    Google search where the above quote came from that also leads to official CT state websites on the subject:

    You need a drivers license in CT to drive any motorized vehicle on the roads. 49cc and above the vehicle needs to be registered and have a license plate, 49cc and below you still need a drivers license but don't need to register and get a tag for it. 

  • Anton
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    1 year ago

    LAW:  Connecticut vehicle code:

    It is impossible to drive or ride a "moped" in Connecticut -- there is no such thing in law.

    What you probably want is a Section 14.1 (57)  “Motor-driven cycle” means any of the following vehicles that have a seat height of not less than twenty-six inches and a motor having a capacity of less than fifty cubic centimeters piston displacement: (A) A motorcycle, other than an autocycle; (B) a motor scooter; or (C) a bicycle with attached motor, except an electric bicycle

    With a learners permit, you are required to have a licensed driver beside you.

    It is not possible for the trainer to sit beside you on a "moped."

  • 1 year ago

    i would ask the dmv this question

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