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Can I make two Amazon Alexa accounts with one Amazon Prime account?

I have my own amazon prime account under my phone number. My mother and father use my account and we both have amazon echos. When I went to the amazon Alexa app today it asked my for my phone number, and right after I entered it it started reading my message notifications off my moms Alexa. I kept telling it to stop but my mom is now prying and trying to figure out how to read my messages through there. I called customer support and he said that I couldn’t remove my phone number from the account, but I could disable communications for my moms Alexa. Now that I’m thinking though, I’m worried that she’ll just go into her Alexa app and enable them to listen to all my messages. Is there a way I can make a separate amazon Alexa account for her and still have it somehow be linked to my amazon prime account so she can still use her Alexa to order things? Or am I just screwed?

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    8 months ago

    if you want to use different account info, you need different accounts. they are free to make.

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    i would ask amazon about it

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