doolas asked in PetsReptiles · 4 weeks ago

How do I insulate a hermit crab terrarium heating pad without using too much money?

Its been a pretty cold winter so far and the temperatures haven't been consistent for my hermit crab so I'm wanting to insulate my heating pads so that the heat they produce is directed to inside of the glass tank tank where it lives instead of being sapped to the surrounding air.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Wood is a pretty good insulator. If your terrarium is placed on a wooden shelf, then the heating pad resting on wood would not take heat from the pad. Make sure the pad contacts the bottom of the terrarium and it will minimize any heat lost to the air. Putting styrofoam between the pad and the surface it is resting on will also insulate it. You can use a light dimmer to reduce the wattage your pad will draw to save electricity. You can also use a 15-25 incandescent bulb and put it under your terrarium, and it should provide enough heat and it won't draw that much electricity.

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