Shouldn't PC games be better optimized by now?

I think that because the Xbox and playstation are 8 cores now.


them being 8 core should be easier to port to pc.

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  • 1 month ago

    Let me put this is perspective here...

    Consoles are like scalpels while PC's are like a Swiss Army Knife.

    Consoles are easier to optimize because there's only a handful of hardware specs (2 or 3 systems) & consoles tend to have specialized functions to assist the execution of game code.  Because of limited hardware configurations, they can just work on with the base model & later perform tweaks to take advantage of newer hardware.

    Console are also a use-specific device, it's geared to play games... so games are going to run better on it as a result.

    PC's are much harder to optimize because there's a virtual crapload of hardware configurations to deal with.  Game developers have to decide what the absolute minimal hardware configuration they want to work with as well as what they believe the majority of their intended audience will have & work from there.  Coding games for multi-core support (with asynchronous code execution) can be a bit of a challenge, so only big name publishers will design their games for this while indie developers will focus on single core execution.

    With the vast improvement of hardware performance from the 1980's & 1990's to the present age, it allowed less optimal, more bloated programming code to run at similar performance to older code.  However, with hardware performance leveling off (at least on processor speeds), the need for leaner, more optimized code (of previous generations) are become more prevalent then before.  Being able to execute code asynchronously between multiple cores (which didn't exist in previous decades) can complicate things as data being processed by one core may finish ahead of another core & may be forced to wait as the result of the one core may be needed by another core.

    PC's are a GENERAL-USE device, as it can do multiple things (like browsing the web, editing images, editing & transcoding video, rendering 3D objects, ect.) on top of gaming, so the idea of "working properly" is the primary goal with "working well" being secondary.

    Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

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