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One on one fight, is this something you never do? Submission hold?

I was confronted by a guy that started to go off on me. He started that I was talking trash about him. While i don't recall ever doing so, i told him i didn't know what he was talking about. He was like...ok, fine. Later, other people started to tell me that I was wrong for doing so but I'm here like, wtf is going on here. 

Onto the fight. This guy just comes up to me and started to yell "let's go"! Now, he tackled me and started to hammer punch me. While everyone was yelling, I found an opening and put a hold on his arm and have it a little crack. I was putting a lot of pressure on his shoulder and I was just heated for being attack but also fearful because he was way bigger. Everyone was pulling me off. Wiping the blood coming from my nose and mouth, I ended up just backing off as the guy was just lying there. 

Later, a friend of mine told me that you have to punch out and not do that, I could have seriously hurt him. While that was true, I was in fear so I had to make sure he wasn't going to come back at me. Apparently, I'm a pussy for doing, did I break some fighting rule? I guess that self defense training came to my aid but it didn't win anyones approval. I thought I did what I had to.

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  • Robert
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    You have an absolute right to defend yourself through force if necessary. You can not use more force than is necessary to protect yourself, but if all was as you explained it, I think you were well within your rights. Now what should have happened immediately after the fight is that you should have called the police and pressed charges for the attack. This gets it on record that you were attacked and did no more than defend yourself. It also shows that you're not to be screwed with in the future. If there were videos of the fight the police might have seen them to verify your story. The point is your goal is to show that you did nothing wrong and only protected yourself...just in case this guy decides he is injured and tries to confront you for damages.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    When you are in a ring, in a match or contest, you have to follow rules. When you are attacked and hit out of the blue you fight to win, by any means required. There are no rules in a street fight brought to you without warning.

  • Bob
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    In a street fight like this, you do pretty much whatever you have to do or think you have to do to win or to not get beat up or seriously hurt.

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