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If you write an online review. That starts with...." I feel that"...." In my opinion"..." I think".... Could you still be sued?

Starting review with an opinion or feeling or thought about a service or person should not be a useable offense.

Or could be sued for writing a review about your opinion I'm Somebody or something?

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    You can be sued even if your review says nothing other than, "Have a nice day." Regrettably, people can claim whatever they want when they sue you. You might be able to get a lawsuit dismissed before even going to trial, but there's nothing you can do to prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you.

    However, the likelihood that someone would win a lawsuit would depend upon how justified their accusation was. If you merely state your opinion, they'd have a hard time winning a lawsuit.

    For them to win a lawsuit, you'd have to make a false statement of fact. If your review said something like, "I think their food is gross looking," and if you really think that, then they aren't going to win their suit. If, however, you said "I feel that they had too many roaches in the spaghetti they served me," then you've made a false statement of fact that the spaghetti they served you had roaches in it and could thus find yourself on the losing end of a lawsuit.

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    Possibly, you can't avoid being sued just by starting a sentence a certain way.

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    If a reasonable person could conclude that you are claiming some objective fact, and that claim is "sue-able", then you can be sued. There are no magic words you can put in front of your review that will protect you. Part of the key here is "reasonable person".  Many people who ask questions like yours, are not reasonable. A person who thinks that there are some magic words you can put in front of your review, that will protect you from being sued, is not a reasonable person.

    Also, in the US at least, just about anybody can be sued for any reason. It doesn't matter if the reason is true. It doesn't matter if the reason makes sense. The point is that the lawsuit can be started, and AFTER it is started, a judge can rule on whether the reason is true, or makes sense.

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    8 months ago

    I mean yeah... But the thing is, like in order for someone be able to sue you, they have to be able to prove that your review alone impacted their business and their earnings. You alone cause loss of earning. You. Alone. Which is really hard to do sometimes. Unless you're like their only bad review.

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  • 8 months ago

    You can say almost anything you like, even if you preface it with "in my opinion" or whatever.  You can only be sued if you cause harm.  So if I wrote a letter to the editor stating I saw Bob robbing a grocery store and I just made it up, Bob could sue me for libel, as I made. false claim that could impact Bob's ability to keep a job, rent an apartment, etc.  

    You can be sued for anything, but the person suing you isn't likely to be successful if you didn't cause harm. 

  • 8 months ago

    You can be sued for anything. The question is rather you'd win or not.

    The answer is you almost certainly would win if you stuck to your honest opinion and didn't put any obviously false facts in it

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