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Is it wrong for a 15 year old girl to drop 40 pounds and to have anxiety attacks if she has a bad hair day after receiving messages like ?

”whoa who the **** told you that you weren't ugly, sorry to be mean but we are only trying to be helpful. Brush your teeth 3 times a day, run the treadmill, eat more veggies, and fix your hair.” since people have told me that on Instagram I got braves and try to brush them 4 times a day, I did lose 40 pounds in 4 months and I feel shaky a lot by the important thing is that I look thinner and guys notice me. My mom is mad that I sometimes only eat 1000 calories a day but she and most adults are kind of stupid. I also bribed my grandma into getting me blonde highlights and some of those same girls commented again on my photos saying I look good. 

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  • Cogito
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    While it's quite good that you've lost some weight, you shouldn't brush your teeth more than twice a day - you'll wear down the enamel and you'll lose all your teeth by the time you're 30.

    You should never lose more than two pounds a week.  At 15, eating 1,000 calories a day is okay if that means you lose a little weight, but do make sure you're eating a balanced diet with lots of protein, fruit, veg, etc.

    Eat enough to stop you shaking.  And if you're having panic attacks, you need to get some counselling.

    It is NOT important that guys notice you.  You're very young and too young to be worried about getting a boyfriend.

    And if those girls are such vile creatures that they would say that to anyone, ever, why on earth are you having anything to do with them?  They're hideous bullies!

    Delete your Instagram account and stop associating with such nasty, ignorant, cruel bi*ches.

    Try to be sensible and don't care what those awful girls say.  Be yourself.  Be happy.  Being popular and looking the same as that sort of girl is NOT important.

    Your mom and most adults are NOT stupid at all.

    They see the reality of all this while you're far too young to be rational. sensible and realistic.

    I'm sure you think you know it all, but trust me - you don't.  And in a few years you'll look back and realise that your mother was right and you were totally wrong.

  • Zirp
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    8 months ago

    Is it wrong for a 15-year-old girl to allow some trolls to dictate how she should live? YOU BET IT IS!

    "we are only trying to be helpful" is a lie.

    "the important thing is that I look thinner and guys notice me"

    You mean predators see you (anorexics) as easy prey..

  • sarah
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    8 months ago

    As a chubby teenager I went on the Atkins diet and got up early and made bacon and egg omelet. Quit eating bread or grains and when my parents were eating snacks I ate cheese sticks and a few nuts. I made big salads and put meat on top and told my parents I wanted to lose weight when they tried to get me to eat apple pie, I ate 1/2 apple. I was 180 and lost down to 140 and I am 5'4" and so it didn't look that bad. I got on the swim team since I am not good at sports. My parents were scared at first but then to show their support gave a party with BBQ ribs and salad. The sauce was made without sugar. What is the hard part for me is keeping the weight off. But I do like what it has done for me and now going to get a degree in EMT they also have and exercise class which I think will help me. When I get a job I will buy a exercise bike so I can work out in evening. Living on meat and vegetables cost more money so I will need a good job.

  • susan
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    8 months ago

    One thing I am 100% sure of is that you need to disable your Instagram account and never have social media contact with those poisonous girls again. Before you do, though, let your mom save a screen shot of that message that you just quoted to us. She can save it in case those b____s continue to harass you and legal action becomes necessary.

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  • 8 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with you? You're going to get sick sooner or later with how you're going.

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