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Do you speak Yiddish? If so, what Yiddish word best describes Donald Trump?

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    Oh, hell's been awhile since my Brooklyn Yiddish days,  I use to hear it all over the place, all the time..........

     and  schmuck, schmoe, schlub, and putz,  immediately  came to mind....but there's also  a schande.......meaning, a who brings embarrassment thru mere association........

    Farkakte  , meaning  screwed up , or contemptible. 

    Klumnik....meaning an empty person---good for nothing. 

    Schlemiel......a jerk, a bungler, a dolt. 

    alterkacker = Old fart. 

    shtickdreck =  literally a piece of dirt..(a piece of crap) 

    wildechaya  = impolite undisciplined child. 

    mishegas =  insanity, silliness, craziness. 

     and perhaps one of my favorites,   .....Pisher = a male infant, a little squirt...a nobody. 

    and for the record.........

    technically speaking.......

    schmuck........a contemptible foolish person,  a jerk,  (literally means Penis) 

    schmo = a stupid person

    Schlub = a clumsy stupid person, or unattractive person. 

    and PUTZ-----an unclean penis, stupid "dirty" person,  a JERK. 

    OY!   that's all I can remember. 

    You're a good mensch for asking this .!

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    I am not fluent, but the first Yiddish word that comes to mind for him is " putz ".

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    "Yiddish" basically is "Russian German". The correct term depends from your side. From the Dems side it would be "Schmock" (Engl. "shmok*") from GOP side probably "Mensch**".

    *"Shmok" comes from German "Schmuck" (jewellery) meaning "p.e.nis" in Yiddish.

    **"Mensch"  is German for "human", in Yiddish it means: Gentleman, decent human being.

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    Dumbkopf?Or maybe that's German.

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    8 months ago

    Zhlob = An insensitive, gauche, ill-mannered person

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    asswipe doesn't translate to Yiddish, we just say asswipe. In Jamaican, bumba clot.

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    he's a Schlemiel as in clumsy and inept.  He's also shegetz, a Putz, a Yutz and a Schmuck, but most assuredly an unmensch, and a Gonif! 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Putz and schmuck come to mind...

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