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Story plot ideas?

Sylas needed refugee and hid himself inside of Rowan when she was a baby

Since they got close he decided to stay, they are like brother and sister

Sylas has the power of levitation, Rowan has no control over it

Any ideas for help with a plot?

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    - hid himself inside of Rowan when she was a baby

    - - - so: he's a microscopic or non-corporeal entity?

    plot: Sylas uses his ability without Rowan's permission, causing her great difficultly. They have a falling out. A dangerous enemy reunites them.

    necessary to that plot: Sylas needs a human host in order to be able to resist/overcome the dangerous enemy. Without a human host he will be defeated/enslaved/destroyed.

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  • 1 month ago

    Any ideas why you wouldn't just call him 'Silas' instead of mangling a perfectly good classic name?

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    In answering this sort of thing the way you do, I think you all lose the plot. Wow!

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    What sort of story did you want to write?  Fantasy is a given, but Comedy? Horror? Mystery?

    If Sylas is inside Rowan, when he levitates, she levitates. If Sylas plays pranks, he could make Rowan levitate instead of walk, playing "Bouncy, Bouncy Baby" and boing her head on the ceiling.  It must give Rowan's parents fits.  How do you change a diaper on a baby who won't stay down?

    Rowan and Sylas have to communicate.  Does Rowan talk aloud to Sylas? Do people look at her as if she is crazy?  Do her parents and friends know about Sylas?

    Why does Sylas need refuge? Who is his enemy?  Will he be Rowan's enemy, or get to Sylas through Rowan?

    When does the story start?  When Rowan is a baby? A girl? A teen? A woman?

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    I think what you wrote can't possibly be what you meant to say.

    Maybe Sylas needed refuge and hid inside Rowan's home when she was a baby?

    Anyway, what you've given us is a basic situation of how Sylas's and Rowan's lives are at some later point. There is no plot here at all.

    Since levitation is the only thing of interest that you've shared, find a way to use it as a plot springboard. Is it legal to use it? What happens to Sylas if he gets caught? Does he use his power for good, or does he use it to cause harm to people he doesn't like? Does someone in power, an army, or the government attempt to force Sylas to use it for their benefit? Does it frighten Rowan, who plots to kill him?

    You've got to make something happen, then let it play out.

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