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Tips for 800+ mile cycle?


I am planning on cycling over 800 miles over 2 weeks next year for charity. I'm rather new to cycling and know this will be a challenge. 

I will be riding from Southern France to Southern Spain. 

I was just looking for tips from people who have done something similar before? What sort of bike should I be using? 

Any tips on training for it? 

Any other tips will be helpful...

Thank You

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  • 6 months ago

    Question incomplete.  Just for sake of argument, let's say this 800+ mile trip is all on paved roads.  The big question is...will you be staying in motels overnight or is this a trip camping out overnights?  Hell-of-a-difference in bikes.  For a supported trip where a van or car meets up with you in the evening, you'll need a good 'entry level' road bike.  Look for Shimano Sora components with a compact (34/50) crankset & at least an 11 - 32 or possibly 11 - 34, nine speed cassette (rear cog).  

    If you'll be carrying everything on the bike (sleeping bag, tent, etc.) you need a 'touring bike'.  They're not light or fast.  But they're built tough to carry extra weight.  

    As far as training goes, my brother (Old Hippie) left you plenty of good advice.  The most important in my opinion, go practice climbing hills!  If you can conquer the hills, the rest should be a piece of cake.  

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  • 6 months ago

    Ride lots. By that I mean work up to riding 3-4 weekdays per week of 25-30 miles each day/evening, plus at least one longer 50-70 mile ride each weekend. Training miles should be at least double the event miles, or in your case 1600 miles. You can survive the ride with less but it won't be fun.

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  • Jon
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    6 months ago

    That is silly. Going from doing little or no cycling to doing 800 miles in 14 days is asking for serious knee damage. 

    No reputable charity should be urging people to do this.

    • xboxNeRd6 months agoReport

      I’m organising it myself for a charity very close to my heart and I won’t of done little or no cycling, that’s the whole point of this question you fool. It’s 18 months away, plenty of time to train.

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  • 6 months ago

    In order to respond on what type bike, first I'd need to know WHAT TYPE OF TERRAIN!  All paved roads?  All off road?  A little of both?  What? ( ) has tons of tips on training, nutrition & different bikes for different situations.  First thing I'd concentrate on is core strength.  Without a strong core - the rest is useless.  

    So what's the farthest you've ridden so far in a day?  15 - 20 - 25 miles?  You'll need stamina to ride 50+ miles a day (every day) for 14 days.  Mix things up while training.  One day go for an endurance ride.  The next you might want to work on intervals.  That's short bursts of speed followed by a more moderate pace.  Keep repeating throughout the ride.  The next you might want to work on pure speed over a specified course. on climbing hills!

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  • 6 months ago

    Run, jump, walk, swim and do push-ups. They will help you prepare

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  • 6 months ago

    Multiple bicycles set up for the terrain you're riding on that day.  A good cellphone to call your aide motor vehicle should you need too.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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  • 6 months ago

    800 miles in two weeks - that's an average of 70 miles per day,  across at least one mountain range and very dry country...

    If you are asking now what kind of bike you should be using for such a trip, my suggestion would be forget it.

    If you're unwilling to do that, I'd suggest you go to a bike shop that specializes in travel bikes and talk to them (I could point you at a couple of shops and web forums in Germany, but I'm afraid those won't be of much use to you). The general answer would be "a travel bike", but that won't help you very much, as anything, from a racebike (a.k.a. randonneur) via a full suspension mountain bike to a recumbent trike could be a travel bike. People have used these and others for anything, from cChina to the Antarctic. More important is that the bike fits to you, the country you will ride across and your riding style. Will you use roads or go offroad? Will you ride self sustained with full camping equipment, or will you only carry a water bottle and a credit card? Will you be able to maintain your high tech vehicle from a supply car, or will you need to be able to repair in a blacksmith's over a charcoal fire?

    Training - sure. Ride. Ride some more. After that, get on the bike and ride. If you want to sustain 70 miles per day over two weeks over any terrain, you should be able to ride 100 mile day trips (on any terrain) easily.

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