Hi, me and my partner are due to get married in August ready for our Cyprus posting to Episkopi in January 2021, can anyone who has possibly experienced this before point me in the right direction of work? I don't mean the very few supermarket jobs that all the other wives will be fighting for, anything else? Now i'm a really successful makeup artist and beauty therapist in the UK, I know I could transfer my skills over the Cyprus with me as I have already been offered various positions in Paphos which I understand is a very popular area for my line of work HOW EVER Episkopi is around 1 hours drive from Paphos...and I can't yet drive! Does anyone know if there is any English speaking university's? Or colleges, anywhere I could earn and learn at the same time? Trying to think of all my options, if anyone could help would be much appreciated. Or even a phone number to contact someone to speak about available vacancys? Thankyou!! x

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  • Orla C
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    LOL. Bless. You do realise that for citizens of the UK, you might NOT be permitted to stay in Cyprus without a visa? And if you are, you'll have to muck in and learn the local lingo?

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