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I need help getting my identifications back?

I am in such a hole and I really need help to get out of it. I am 19 and I moved away from my abusive parents on a very short notice. I don't have my birth certificate, social security card, ID, or anything else to prove who I am. I can't figure out how to get my identifications back, and it has been 5 months of trying. I cant get an ID without my ssc/ssn, and I can't get my ssc without my birth certificate, which I can't seem to get either since I have to a ID to get it. My parents have my birth certificate (and possibly my ID) and won't give me it. I don't have a high school diploma, since I got a GED instead, which you can guess that I don't have. Even if I did have that, my first name was misspelled! (My parents never ordered a new one.) My parents lost my passport and ssc (they insisted on keeping them for years so they wouldn't get lost, but obviously that didnt work). I never got the chance to memorize the numbers for my ssc because of this. I had a bank card, but I quit my job back in Jan 2019, since I was told we were going to move the month after, and I had plenty saved up to keep my phone bill and rent paid. We didn't. We ended up moving late September, so my card can't be used for anything. No ID, ssc/ssn, birth certificate, diploma, passport, or bank card. My brother wants to help with the money, so at least that is covered. If someone could lead me in the right direction, please... I have never been so trapped in my life before, and I have no club what to do...

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    Talk to the police and a lawyer about this if you haven't already because that is illegal. And can't your brother retrieve these items for you somehow?

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    Can your brother help you get your items, when your parents are out of the house.

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    If you are an adult over 18, your parents cannot legally keep your identification papers from you. Tell them to hand over all your documents or you must file a police report charging them with identity theft, document theft. Even if they claim they "lost" your Social Security card, they had to have your SSN when filing their income taxes every year.

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