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What should I do to prevent my Instagram photos from being stolen?

I want to make an instagram account for my artwork and I am afraid of having them stolen for someone else to claim is theirs or being posted on their page or online without my permission. And I'm not sure if adding a water mark is a good idea. 

I was thinking about using apps to create a border for them but even with that I would not want to loose how the page would look then  if I had to switch over to another border making app because the original app was closed or canceled in the app store. 

So like should I just post my photos up just as how they are? 

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    Put up only lower-res images on your Instagram, and make a link to higher res images in the description that you could charge for access to.

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    You can ask this in "Law and Ethics" or "Photography" for a different set of answers.

    However, there are technical ways to distribute only low-res versions and to tag them with watermarks and copyright notices (which show up in meta-tags, not on the displayed image), among other things.

    In theory, you can file a copyright complaint on any site where you find your art being distributed without your license. In reality, you may also have to use the law courts to enforce your rights against blatant violators, especially anyone "making money" on your works, or illegally claiming to be the author.

    The good news is that the US copyright registration is only $35 per filing, which may include up to 100 of your own works.

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    For that, you can go for the copyright process to prevent someone from stealing your piece of art.

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    Make a website and sell your pictures. 

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  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    watermark them with your name ..................

  • Teva
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    8 months ago

    You can't prevent anything you post online from being "stolen" as you put it. If i see a picture online and i like it, i take it.

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