Should music artists make tiktok a serious platform?

Of course it's known today the influence tiktok has on the music industry. A platform where users are encouraged to make transformative authentic content for the purpose of sharing to their friends and or audience. Comedy and relatablity being a huge factor in the success of most tiktokers.

It makes me wonder how serious the platform can be taken for artists that want a long lasting meaningful career. Most artists that go viral through the platform aren't going viral for really who they are as an influencer and artist. They go viral for the song they made that goes well with a trend usually. I mean if the goal is to make money I'm sure this works wonders, but it seems the platform doesn't really suit artists that want to build something for being an influencer and an artist. As how most A list artists build their careers through YouTube and Instagram. Over the past 6 months we're starting to see more and more A list artists actually make tiktok accounts to communicate with fans however. Which makes me suspect the platform is evolving.Does it seem the nature of tiktok is suited for serious artists who want meaningful careers or just artists who want viral trends that die in a year?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Many years ago, we decided that we would ONLY perform live, not record for sale or distribution (only for our own reference) and have been happy only playing LIVE for a LIVE audience.  Did a major concert yesterday - and the mutual emotion shared cannot be duplicated any other way.  We have a following - we know each other after all these years - and the comments and conversation after each concert informs our choices for the future - but the audience knows that each concert will bring to them something they will probably never hear again live, or never have heard yet, and that is was chosen as worthy, although not always famous.  We intend to do this (several times a years, in lovely venues nearby)  until we die. And yes - our lives in music have been quite financially rewarding.  We use technology in the business of our music - arranging, writing transcriptions, editing those personal recordings - so we are not Old Farts and clueless (quite the opposite . . ) but are happiest this way.  TikTok can go Stik Stok itself.

    BTW - Yesterday's was number 22 of these concerts we have given.  And no cash changes hands . . . this is done for art.  Made our $ in other areas of music - school teaching, lessons, thousands of *gig* classical music performances.

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