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Why my nose is bleeding ?

Yesterday I was so stressed that I didn't eat anything and had a huge headache. Right now I woke up and my nose is bleeding with blood all over the bed and the top of my head hurting.

What caused this 


James; really hope that happens 😂

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    High blood pressure

    If your blood pressure spikes that high, it can cause headaches and nosebleeds such as the one you experienced!

    My concern here is you are young (I'm assuming), the fact you are having these episodes is alarming! For you to have had a stress-bleed, tells me you have had high BP for a long time now, and its to the point where you are teetering on the edge of having a heart attack/stroke etc. 

    You need to smarten the **** up here! You need to see your doctor tomorrow! He/she needs to check your BP, and because it will be on the dangerously high side, you will be asked to alter your diet, exercise more and you will be given blood thinners to help lower your BP.

    This is NOT a game here! If you keep don't do something now, you will be 6 feet under before 2020 expires, no I am not embellishing here.

  • 8 months ago

    Uh....stress caused it. you already know that. you were stressed and didn't eat anything.

  • 8 months ago

    you need to go to the er and get it checked out

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