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What do you call this extremely cursed meme?! Where do I find more of it's kind?! ?

Look I know this is stupid, but about a year ago I saw a version of this meme on tumblr with Rogue the Bat and Wave the Swallow from Sonic the Hedgehog. It's weirdness imprinted deeply on my subconscious and has haunted me since. I assumed it was an idea from the bizarre mind of original poster, but this year I got super into Dan and Phil and I discovered that was not the case. Someone on Twitter posted the original version about the two of them, and it is actually a (debatably) beloved piece of cursed content in the fanbase. 

So I discovered the origin, but I haven't been able to find many other examples of this meme format's usage and it's driving me bonkers! I know that it became a thing outside of the Dan and Phil community (at least on a small scale) because I saw it before I was even a part of that scene, but I have no idea how to search for it so that I can expose myself to more of this ridiculousness. I'm well aware that this is an insane thing to want, but I have to see more of these memes! 

I will provide the original image below so that any one with this information knows what I'm talking about. (Viewer discretion is advised) Somebody, anybody, please! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS FORMAT IS CALLED AND WHERE I CAN FIND MORE OF IT'S KIND.

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