does anyone know of any vintage silver cd players?

i found a vintage silver sony tape deck and radio that work at the thrift store and they are both pretty nice. i want to get more components that fit in with them. i have an amplifier picked out, and i am trying to find a cd player. however, i cannot find any vintage cd players that are silver to go with them. i can only find vintage black ones or new silver ones.


so that no more idiots say "oH lOoK oN eBaY", i did that already.

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  • Lance
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    8 months ago

    A lot of those silver audio products were meant for the Japanese market only...In fact sometimes in Japan a gold version was also offered.. So it was kind of a quality indicator or status indicator black been the consumer model silver the more advanced and gold the top of the line. Most of the time there is no to little difference internally but often the silver model cost more and the Gold model even more than that...When exported to the US usually only the black model was offered but occasionally the silver model also was offered in limited quantities at a slightly higher price...If you notice with the new items that is still often the case the silver model will sell for a slightly higher price even though internally they are the same exact model. You will rarely if ever see the gold model offered in the US as that was almost always a Japanese offer only.

  • 8 months ago

    There aren't a lot of them, so it will be tough, but keep looking.  


    A few months ago at an estate sale I went to 

    there was a silver Sony that had a solid aluminium piece on the front of the drawer. 

    The unit was rather heavy, so it must have been a premium model. 

    I didn't have a chance to find out much else because it had just been sold.  

    It could have been a CDP-200, but I can't be sure.

    If you can tolerate a newer model in order to have a silver finish at all,

    look for a DVP-NS715P DVD player.


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