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Ideas to decorate built in shelf space?

I just moved here so please ignore the absolute mess 

Where you see the wooden boards is where the Tv will be mounted. Any ideas of what to put in the shelves? All I can think of are picture frames really.

Also I am going to paint the whole room a light grey color. Should I paint the shelves all grey inside included, white inside, or the shelves all white? 

 This is in a large studio type room. 

Thank you!

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    Consider the type of a TV you have before painting.

    Cords and wires looks absolutely awful against the light wall.

    Since you're planning to use this as your entertainment center, I would put together everything that speaks fun to you:


    DVD's/Movies /Music collection 

    X-box and other gaming systems

    Any other items you might have such as antiques or vintage players


    Perhaps you have items/gifts from around the world showing your travels

    Your trophies and awards can be nicely displayed there for boosting self-confidence when you feel down.  Great reminder and positive energy.

    A few crystals won't hurt plus they absorb negative TV waves, so if you choose crystals, be sure to clean them and recharge on the sun

    Two large plants on both sides for better oxygen in your studio if you have enough light. If not, you can get fake plants or rotate the living ones every week.

    If you have space, then of course put your books and frames there.

    The larger unit on the bottom can fit a nice looking basket that you can throw your items in for faster clean up as when guests arrive unexpectedly. 

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    Consider Benjamin Moore''s "Bunny Gray" for your paint color. It is a light silvery gray color that you may like. I would keep the inside of the shelving area white.

    If you really want to add some depth and dimension to the room, you may choose to paint the outside face area of the shelving a different shade of grey then the walls. Or, if you are brave enough maybe that's where you can use a huge pop of color like turquoise or yellow or any other color that coordinates with something else in the room, like the couch or decorative pillows or perhaps curtains or an area rug are some things you can use for color inspiration.

    Because that bookshelf area is huge, be careful not to load the shelves too much or it will look like a cluttered mess. I would use a few oversized items on the shelving rather than a bunch of small stuff. Decorating does not have to be expensive and break the budget. Go to thrift stores and begin collecting things for their shape size and color.

    I collected thrift store vases in various sizes and shapes. I took them all outside and painted them a beautiful shade of coral. They displayed beautifully on a white shelf. So when you go shopping remember that spray paint can transform anything. With today's current technology, spray paint has come a long way. There are so many colors to choose from, including Stone and metallic finishes. I also spray-painted all of my picture frames in one color, which made a huge impact statement on the wall. Spray paint is away to make a bunch of alike objects become cohesive by way of color.

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    That is a very nice space,  with the walls gray, I would paint the insides white to make them stand out.   Mix and match what you put in the shelves, perhaps DVD/CD collection near the TV, a shelf or two for books, - half the shelf with books, then a picture in a black frame, or how about some knicknacks or souveniers from places you have been ?  a plant in a nice pot if there is enough light, a  wire basket with pinecones or river rocks,  music box ?  look around your house for small items in various colors and textures

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    personally, rather than put stuff there simply to put stuff, experiment with things you love to look at, bring you memories etc, move them around, change them out periodically, think outside the box.

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  • 8 months ago

    I would do something totally opposite of what everyone suggests here.

    I wouldn't clutter with books or nick nacks. 

    Function additions and some plants

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    omg put books on those shelves!!!  you can put them sideways and horizontally--place small items on a pile of books...for the shelves with tall spaces-put vases and plants, things with height.  if you need to store little crappy items-put them in baskets and line them up along the shelf. I'd probably keep the shelves white-such a pain to paint.

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