What is the brand name of the packet pasta seen in Barcelona grocery shops?

This is going to sound a bit insane, but I lived in Barcelona when I was younger and used to always buy a brand of packet pasta - which for the life of me I can't find again. By packet pasta I mean it's dry pasta and sauce mix in one paper-ish container that you just put into boiling water and cook. It's a cheap corner store type of product. The UK equivalent would be 'Pasta n Sauce' or 'Knorr'. I only ever remember seeing one brand of this during my food shopping in BCN. I remember one of the variants of the product was spaghetti with parmesan sauce. I loved them, and have been looking for months. I doubt anyone can answer this, but I thought I'd chance it just incase we have any expats on here that can cure my obsessive need to find these again.

3 Answers

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