What are some possible research questions that I can find answers to in the area of traditional vs. student-centered teaching methods?

I'm interested in studying cognition and instruction. One of my goals is to change the traditional methods of teaching to student-centered methods at a school where I taught.

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  • Elaine
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    4 weeks ago

    I am assuming you have read Piaget, Maslow, Rousseau, investigated Montessori. Years ago the Province of Ontario issued the Hall - Dennis approach to learning which was called the Discovery Approach.  I am also assuming that when you refer to traditional teaching methods you are talking about the Socratic Method and the specific curricula for each grade. Have you researched the various theories on learning?, philosophies of education? behaviour and development? etc. 

    For you to be successful in your quest you need to see what has already been done in the area of student centred learning as there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. Most boards of education, at least here in Canada have libraries which are filled with research papers.  Another resource is the library at any university which has a Faculty of Education, a Behavioural Sciences department -tons of research papers and studies there . You should also look at what people like Adler, Rogers, Skinner, etc. have to say.

    Have you examined curriculum development?  

    After you have done your research think of a question which will form your hypothesis. Your question could be based on previous research and its validity in 2020. 

    All of the above being said.  Sometimes you have to tell the learner the note is called "fah" 

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  • Laurie
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    4 weeks ago

    You, seriously, need to take a “scientific methods” class.

    Research questions are NOT questions. A research topic - a hypothesis - is a STATEMENT.

    Research involves an experiment to test the veracity of that statement, testing the fewest number of variables (preferably, ONE) possible. The data obtained from that research/experiment will either disprove the statement - or not. The data NEVER “proves” the statement.

    The more experiments that are conducted, re-testing the same variable (or testing different variables) that do NOT disprove the statement, the more credibility a theory acquires.

    Your research goal should not be to change the instructional methods of any one school. Your research goal should be to uncover the truth.

    • Lover4 weeks agoReport

      I like what you are saying but...wow, you need to calm down :-) Would you mind helping me out with this?

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