Sterling asked in PetsReptiles · 1 month ago

Frog ate piece of rubber/silicone??

My 9 month old pixie frog ate a piece of silicone that i used to seal his tank. He must have scraped it up, when I went to grab it (i hand feed him so he's used to eating from my hands) he bites it out of my hands and tries to swallow it. It was about the size of a quarter. I pulled out about 9/10s. He tried spitting it out, luckily thats how i grabbed it, but I'm worried he ate a little tiny piece. Is he going to be okay?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Silicone rubber is non-toxic, so the frog will be fine. The only possible harm is if the piece is big and it blocks his intestine. The silicone is not digestible so if it gets stuck it will be a problem. If the piece is small, it will just pass through his digestive system without harming it. Frogs are carnivores, and meat-eaters generally have short, straight intestines, so it is not as easy to get something stuck in it.

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