Anybody know some original Classical EDM/Dubstep?

I’m looking for something specific I found a while back. Not remixed classical songs, but original creations of classical and EDM/Dubstep type beats. They were epic, progressive and complex. Not like the epic movie trailer type beats. I can’t even remember the classification exactly so don’t restrict your suggestions to those that fall under EDM and Dubstep only, but in that general area at least. If I can’t find it, at the very least, hopefully you suggest something equally masterful for me to enjoy. Thanks in advance.


I can remember that the name of the specific artist I’m hoping to rediscover is something fancy. Possibly foreign. Like Italian. Might not be indicative of where the artist is from though.

Update 2:

But I don’t know for sure what it was so again, don’t limit yourself to that guess.

Update 3:

Also, if it helps, I think I might of discovered it on the Elegant Sisters channel On YouTube or something related to it.

Update 4:

Hell yeah! I think I just found him! Lamberti Phil if anyone is interested. Suggestions for similar stuff still welcome!

Update 5:

Highly recommend checking out his song “Cube” if you’re interested in this type of music!

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