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exam question help!!! compare and contrast characters from different books (romeo and juliet, to kill a mockingbird, Persepolis)?

-can't have characters from the same book

-3 paragraphs (1 similarity or difference and 2 differences or similarities)

-so pretty much 3 ideas on how they are the same/different


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    All three books have a theme of authorities oppressing youth.

    Would compare Marjane's Grandmother with Juliet's Nurse and Scout's friend Dill.

    Same:  Grandmother gives news of war to Marji; Nurse tells Juliet of Romeo's banishment; Dill does not tell Scout news, but sits with her as they view the trial.

    Grandmother and Nurse are tradition-bearers, solid pillars in the lives of the young Marji and Juliet; Dill is a childhood friend of Scout, helping to decode the complex lies and social issues in U.S. South of the day.

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    The exam is to test how well YOU can answer that question.  It's not to test how well you can cheat.

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