Will tomorrows game between Man United and Liverpool be tougher than most people think?

In the last 8 league games between Manchester United and Liverpool, there have been 6 draws with both sides also picking up a win each. If you stretch back to the last 9 games between the two teams in all competitions you'll find a 7th draw but that was in a Europa League game in which Liverpool had a two goal advantage from the first leg so many would regard that as a loss. It's not been an easy game for either side so what do you guys genuinely think will happen and why? 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    wont be that tough  the  entire premiership has been poor  this  season maybee thats  why lfc are  doing  so well?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Should have won by 3 or more.

    We were deserved 2-0 winners in the end.  Marching towards the title and invincibility.

    I will probably get stick for saying this but I'd rather we try to win the treble and do that, than win the league without losing.

  • all those people who predicted a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of this Liverpool team have nothing to say now.

    De Gea has pulled off some remarkable saves to deny them from adding to their tally of one goal, and we've grown into the game in the last couple of minutes.

    We just need that bit of composure, and clinical quick thinking and finishing.  We need to hold our nerve if we get that one chance we MUST TAKE IT.

  • Pretty obvious that United are going to park the buses. How well Liverpool break that down (or don't) will be the x-factor. Pretty sure United will be thrilled with a draw.

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    only time will tell, you'll just have to wait and see

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