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am I overthinking. I need advice. i’m overthinking ?

I got my iud 6 months ago, everything was fine, but I had sex two days ago he didn’t even finish n me, I was on my period... my question is i know it’s 99.8 effective. but always nervous of getting pregnant. i’m scared my iud has moved bc I have cramps lower but still my period is ending. I got my strings checked month ago and they were looking good. should I worry?? i’m scared because i been having diarrhea and scared my iud will shift, fall out, or move out of place. will I know if that happened?? just scared it won’t work. had sex before and everytime I had my period and wasn’t preg. what you think?? I just feel something in my virginia idk if it’s the iud because I got it checked. how can it move? what’s the symptoms if i’m already bleeding, thanks!!

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    IUDs can move and it’s possible it did. It could have shifted slightly but it’s nothing that will eliminate 6 months worth of protection from it. You also are on your period; this is a point in your cycle where getting pregnant is very unlikely.

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