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Weakness and dizziness? is it my teeth?

I’ll start if by saying that my teeth are in terrible shape. Several of them are broken. I have taken excellent care of them in the past decade but it wasn’t enough to stop them deteriorating from the lack of care from my childhood and teenage years.

I don’t have health insurance, but will next month. I have been experience dizziness, headache, nausea and weakness all week, most of the day. I thought I might faint today.

No dental pain or discomfort though. I have noticed a tiny bubble on my gums.

 I also have a tiny soft lump between my neck and shoulders that worries me, as if the dental issues weren’t enough. 

I don’t sleep well. Ever. I have trouble sleeping and saying asleep. And it’s getting worse.

II try to eat well and stay hydrated, but admittedly haven’t done as well this week.

Would it be best to go to urgent care or a dentist tomorrow? Do you think it’s likely my teeth?

 I just can’t take time off work, so any advice on how to survive until I can use my insurance would be great. 

Sorry if this question is a mess. Trying to get my self together here. Thanks for any advice .

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