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How to convince my husband to move?

I was recently offered a new job in a different state. And the job agreed to take BOTH of us if they could have me work for them ( husband and I both have the same job and currently works for the same company.)

Right now together we bring in only about 8k a month together and for the new company we'd bring in 11k together while being in a area where cost of living is even lower. While being able to have a great night life because Atlanta is less than a hour drive away (we are both 23 so that's pretty fun)

After I brought it up to him he flat out said no because the company didn't want him, but agreed to take us both but I'd hold a higher position. This is a huge opportunity for me career wise and for us financially. But he's basically having a jealous moment.

What to do?

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    He can look for a different job once you get there if that's what he wants. You may not have presented the opportunity in quite the right light. You made it sound like he's a tag-a-long instead of saying they wanted you both. Let it settle for a couple of days and then discuss it again, emphasizing the benefits to you as a couple.

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    go without him, see if he likes having even less than 8k a month. Its ur life too!

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If you want different things and want to live in different places and if $8,000/month is not enough for you then you married too young and to the wrong person. Your husband likes where he lives. Atlanta's a dump. Go make your money and live your life. If you think money is ever going to buy you happiness you have a lot to learn. 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Pick one:  husband or employment.

    I call troll.  I work in the corporate World.  NO employer is going to hire your husband without seeing him, interviewing him.

    But it's a nice attempt to get attention .

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