Why don't many flashlights (more specifically, headlamps) today that are really bright, have long battery life with high brightness?

I am obsessed with really bright lights, whether it is a flashlight, headlamp, car headlights, etc. The minimum brightness that I require a flashlight or headlamp to be is 500 Lumens. I currently have a headlamp that was given to me that is 420 Lumens and can do 420 Lumens for 2 hours continuously. I do a lot of outdoor adventuring by myself and need something that lasts a lot longer. I noticed that some Petzl headlamps can last around 70 hours on high beams (which is more what I need), but they are running at 245 Lumens. I need a headlamp that runs continuously at around 800-1000 Lumens that can last me 70+ hours straight, and is also not too heavy. I have a hand flashlight that is 750 Lumens that lasts for 4 hours on high brightness, that is my reserve light. Still, want something that bright and lasts a lot longer.

I have not seen a single headlamp on the market that is even capable of that. Is that because our battery technology is not good enough for what I want/need?

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  • 8 months ago

    There's only so much a battery can give. Light bulbs, or LEDs can give illumination up to their own limit. Understand that. Just wanting more doesn't change physics. You could modify the power supply to contain more current, and increase the time the light operates, but increasing the voltage will decrease the life of the light bulb or LED. Put a car battery on a dolly and wire it to a headlight and see how you like that. You cannot have daylight at night.

  • 8 months ago

    Bright light requires more power.

    More power and long life requires a larger battery.

    Headlamps tend to be severely size limited.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Batteries are the restriction.   So get MULTIPLE high output batteries.  Not just one.  

    Wear a battery vest.  

    Try walking into a bank(or onto a plane) wearing that kind of vest.  Your azz will be multi TASED SO MANY TIMES and the 357 magnum to the brains will make sure you NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.. Do your banking FIRST.

    This obsession is going to get you killed.

  • 8 months ago

    Standards for vehicle headlights are set by the government. Lights have to be safe. You cannot blind drivers coming in opposite directions from yours.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    There's no free ride.  You want a long battery life with high brightness?  That takes a bigger battery.  Small battery and long life?  The brightness will be less.

    You get to chose between battery life, battery size and brightness.  You get to pick any two out of three.

  • 8 months ago

    the brighter the light, the more battery energy you're losing to HEAT. i'd guess the lights that last longer have more low-power but well constructed LED lights. the ones that burn through batteries on high brightness (depending on price) have expensive single LEDs. 

    so it's either Battery tech or LED tech. LEDs are technically more energy inefficient than Batteries at storing electrical energy. so it's the LED's fault even if better batteries are far more likely to come before better LEDs.

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