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Eastenders: How does Ben have a kid if he’s gay?

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  • Jade
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    10 months ago

    Lola slept with Ben.

  • 10 months ago

    I'd lay odds there are a huge number of men who married, had kids but then eventually realised they were in fact gay.   And lots of men are actually bisexual.   In the fictional Ben on Eastenders, he is said to be gay but Lola managed to get him to sleep with him - to prove he wasn't gay (it didn't!) and the result was Lexi.

    Apart from the fact that ANYTHING is possible on soaps!!   Look at Sonia who is supposedly Lesbian - she's just gone back with Martin and I think is about to be pregnant.

  • 10 months ago

    Many gay guys adopt kids.

  • Jojo
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    10 months ago

    Lola asks her third cousin-once-removed, Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) how he knows he is gay if he is still a virgin. Subsequently, they kiss and Lola sleeps with Ben before confirming his sexuality; he is gay. Shortly after, Lola finds she is pregnant. That is how Ben became a Dad.

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  • Lôn
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    10 months ago

    Same as Elton John .

  • 10 months ago

    Surrogates parents. 

  • There are plenty of homosexuals in the world who have their own biological children.

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