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Why is this taking so long?

So a guy who had a substance problem, anger, and controlling problems ...just overall life not put together...who acted like he liked me even said “I love you too” the last time I saw him a few weeks ago assaulted me (life spiraling out of control and they got irritated with me trying to help). The police haven’t been able to serve him for nearly 3 weeks but they have spoken to him on the phone and people are lying saying he “doesn’t live there anymore”. We just had a casual intimate relationship but it would be odd like he was obsessed for months that I simply spoke to another guy when he confessed he was sleeping with other woman and there was not issue with it and other things (he would keep sending texts if I would ignore him and spend half of his time we knew each other with me). He even asked if I wanted him to stay with me for the rest of the day or if not he would go see his young child he hadn’t seen in days because dealing with the situation was “too stressful”. It seemed like a twisted unhealthy attachment. 

My thing is he has another woman (granted he admitted he was stressed by her) he could entertain and get back with - the child’s mom. If he couldn’t treat me right half of the time and said he was a piece of **** who deserves better- why is he dodging police for a civil matter when he still has a criminal assault charge on his record from like 3 years ago that he could have got expunged. Why not just take the papers? 


Also I believe he is behind a weird call/ text a week ago I got where the person asked if my second # was a guys # and all names in the text are real names linked to one of his coworkers (I never gave to him personally but he may have seen it/heard it when he took me somewhere before). I was like if they heard my voicemail maybe they heard my voice which clearly isn’t a guy since the text came 5 mins later. 

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    and here it is again, the same crap posted over and over and over

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