Will the girl think I'm weird?

So 6 months ago at a party a girl came up to me and was all over me she was drunk and we ended up kissing. We kissed like 5 times that night and I was nervous I just was not ready so I told another girl who is also a friend of the girl who kissed me can you save me? And she helped me get away from her I sat in the middle of her and another guy so she could not get to me. Anyway I pretty much avoided her for like 10 weeks until another party. The girl who saved me said the girl who kissed me is going and asked if I was ok with that and I was ok. I talked to her on messenger a lot so it wasn't awkward. So anyway we went to pre drinks and the girl who kissed me said to me " your coming in my taxi to the party and then the other girl said come in here go I got in the other taxi and she said you made the right choice she would have been all over you. And I was happy. I ended up hanging with the girl who kissed me in the end she was fine she didn't throw herself at me. So anyway she assume to hangout as friends so went for a few walks and even another party and we were hugging and we nearly kissed but I got nervous and put my head on her shoulder. We hung out as friends a few times and then I realised that I do have feelings for her. So I asked her out and she said yes. But the thing is the girl who saved me she will think I'm a weirdo she will think why is he with her after all the times he ran away. Idk why this is scaring me what could I say to her if she asks?

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  • Linda
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    1 month ago
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    She saved you from an embarrassing situation for the girl kissing you and you being kissed, because she was drunk and she normally wouldn't have acted that way and I'm sure the girl who saved you knew that already. What do you do now?...I wouldn't explain and just enjoy your new relationship and feel lucky that it ended up this way. If she asks, say it was the alcohol talking that night...but she's cool and we like each other now. She'll understand. 

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