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Why do women hate men's hobbies ?

From hanging with your male friends to playing video games, sports fishing or a toy collection....many women are very critical of anything their boyfriend or husband does without them.

Why ??

Men dont get this upset at women's book clubs or sleepovers.


OBVIOUSLY....I dont know all women in the world. So please dont use the "not all women" excuse. This questions is based on my experience...and from my reading its not an uncommon occurence.

Its even referenced in's hobbies are treated as "immature" and the male love interest only 'grows up" when he gives up his hobbies to be with the woman.

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    Because altogether too many women subscribe to the view that anything a man does that is not to her immediate benefit is to her detriment. 

    If he trains in martial arts, because he doesn't automatically beat up the guy who looked at her funny,  it was a waste of money. 

    If he signs up for college engineering courses and isn't offered a new job in two weeks,  it's a waste of time. 

    If he exercises to stay fit, he isn't paying attention to her.

    He can't even shovel snow off the driveway until she wants to use her car. If he wants to so he can get the Sunday paper, her response is, "Why?"

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    There does seem to be this comical stereotype that women hate videogames, fishing, toy collecting, etc. I think there are some key contexts that get missed with this.

    I don't know many women, myself included, that are automatically opposed to these things. I share many interests with my husband including fishing, hiking, archery, and other activities. He's definitely more into fishing than I am, though, and I'm definitely the one who's into video games, he doesn't like them.

    The key here is moderation. If I'm spending too much time on the computer or xbox I definitely hear about it. Likewise if he were to spend too much time out fishing with his friends I'd have to say something. The key here is when one starts to feel neglected and like they have to compete with something or someone else for their partner's time.

    Due to stereotypes about men and videogames or fishing, I think some people probably jump the gun and automatically roll their eyes when the PS4 gets turned on. It's possible they've seen or experienced being 2nd place before and are not eager to be there again. And some people really do spend far, far too much time on certain activities (video games) while neglecting their household duties and families. This is very common, so let's not assume that everybody who complains about it is being dramatic. I watched an MMORPG destroy my brother's marriage, this does happen.

    As for toy collection, there's a really poorly defined line here, for me at least. It can go from qUiRkY LoL to straight up ******' creepy real quick. As an example I know a 30-something man who collects Marvel and DC figurines, and another 40 year old man who collects Transformers figurines. One of them is able to make light of it and has a plethora of other hobbies and interests, and is a well-rounded adult. The other is cripplingly awkward, spends a good deal of time fawning over his toy collection to the point that they feature prominently on his social media, and has few activities or interests. It's to the point that his toy collection does not come off as one little detail about his life and interests, but rather as an obsession and it hints at his insufficient self awareness and inability to recognize how this might be interpreted by others.

    They are both abusive colostomy bags in their relationships, but one of them has far more opportunity and gets less flack by virtue of having a well rounded range of hobbies, activities, and interests while the other suffers significant social impairment due to the singular obsession with children's toys because he does not offset it with basically anything else.

    Context is key for a lot of these things. If your partner feels neglected by your activities and hobbies, though, more likely than not it's time to actually evaluate how much time and money you are spending on it and whether you have an addiction that you need to address, and spend more time with your loved ones.

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    They don't universally. If you're a gamer guy you need to date only gamer girls, etc. It's only when people ignore common interests and forge relationships based on nothing more than sexual attraction that you end up with these disconnects. Plenty of women like football, soccer, rock climbing and martial arts. So any guy who wants a peaceful relationship should find someone who shares his passions. It's just that simple.

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    i love mens hobbies, videogames r my favourite thing to play

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    I mean, Not all women hate men's hobbies, for example, Some females play video games for a living even though it's a "man's hobby"

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    As long as he doesn't make remarks about the books I read (Richard Evans "Pursuit of Power", "The Coming of the Third Reich") (Diarmaid MacCulloch "The Reformation - A History"), I have not problem with him having hobbies.

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    9 months ago

    Becuase men and women are nurtured differently during childhood. What we do in childhood ultimately decides what we enjoy as adults. What we do in childhood stays with us forever.

    That's not to say we can't choose new hobbies of course. But there are a lot of women that like football, fishing, car racing etc. 

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    Do they?

    Or do you know a few insecure women who act this way and you are extrapolating?

    I could make this blanket statement about men - "Why do they demand to know where their wives spend their time when they aren't with them?" but it wouldn't be true because, while it does happen, it is a small number of emotionally insecure, controlling men, not the majority.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You are with the wrong ones. they aren't all like that. 

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