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In a sense, can you say that everyone is sort of a mixed-blood person?

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    You should know what is blood = protein with life limit (99.9% of types, exceptions prove evolving). Blood never came from other planet as one, but formed with time.

    Simple answer = Yes. Because even the purest blood is mix and also even the weakest blood is mix. Mixed-blood person is proven version.

    There is NO-pure blood, it is protein, and so called blue blood is blue-pigment-liquid (toxic/toxin form) when removed blood in tissues and organs and supplied oxygen in the tissues.

    A, b, c, d, ... u (vitamin) = compared to u-protein blood ... fictive future or alien mixed-blood person ... no? Yes, it will be mixed - blood person.

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    Popular Biologist Richard Dawkins, PhD, once recounted a humorous anecdote on this topic. He said he once attended a conference where the topic of discussion was the extreme genetic similarities of all of the ethnicities of humanity. There was one African/black participant, and after he had finished his presentation, he added that if anyone found it difficult to distinguish himself from the others in the room, he said to remember that he was the one wearing the bright red tie. The room erupted into laughter. 

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    At the genetic level, all humans alive are the same race. We are so similar that scientists assume we've been down to a few hundred, maybe a few thousand, individuals just a few dozen millennia ago, and another time even further back.

    you probably are my cousin in several dozen ways

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    Everyone certainly is a "mixed-blood person," but certain physical characteristics enable us often to guess the continent from which the large fraction of someone's ancestors came...if most of them came from, let's say, Europe or East Asia or South Asia or sub-Saharan Africa.


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    Yes, we ALL are. There is no 'pure' group in anyone's lineage.

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    Given that "mixed-blood" is a completely meaningless term without any scientific definition whatsoever, sure. Knock yourself out.

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    It's very true that there are NO "true" or "pure" bloodlines. It's a meaningless phrase.

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    The concept of races within the human race is flawed since all the cultures can mate and have children between them. Surface pigmentation is a very minor part of the human makeup.

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    "In a sense, everyone is sort of a mixed-blood person."

    There, I just said it.

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    Yes, you are the mixed blood of your parents and their parents.

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