Leather repair HELP!! please!?

This is the leather trim of a backpack that has constantly rubbed against stuff until it was worn down until the frame of the back was revealed. What can be done to repair this? It is a Saint Laurent backpack.

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  • Speed
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I doubt a repair would be worth the cost, since the stitching holding in the leather would have to be undone up to a seam, the leather replaced, and the stitching redone. That's pretty labor-intensive work--and the design of the pack guarantees the new leather will wear out in the same spot.

    What I'd probably do is the Sharpie treatment, when I'd stain what's exposed to make it black and relatively unnoticeable.

    • Nathan1 month agoReport

      Is there any sort of leather-like coating/paint I could gradually layer up and use to cover the exposed frame and make the leather seem somewhat continuous again?

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