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Is that normal to find a ball?

Of coating smoothing in thé siphon?

2 How to clean objets that were dirty in a flood? Glasses, mugs, plates etc?

3 How to clean sponges?

4 Is a fuse 10 x 38 thé same of one 10,3 x 38?

5 3 outlets not working after a noise un thé panel . 2 un thé kitchen one. One in thé bathroom.

6 Is thé budget free? Do they ask money to Côme and do it?

7 How much Is to paint a small flat?

8 Is it difficultés to solde a small pièce of a computer? 3 wires. A cooler.


5 How to locate thé mal function?

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    Yes it is normal to find a ball of coating smoothing in the siphon.

    2 Rag wrench as required.

    3 Clean sponges in sponge cleaner.

    4 no one is 10 and the other is 10,3 in diameter.

    5 Locate the malfunction and apply repair as necessary

    6 yes it's free. they don't charge unless they have to do work.

    7 A 4 x 6 flat can be painted with trim and 4 colors for ~ 10 zoltties.

    8 No it's not difficult.

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