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Period question?

So I am going to Jamaica on February 4th. I am on the birth control pill and my period comes on the 4th sugar pill every single month. Anyways when I had my last period I made a joke to my mom saying “my luck my period will come the one week of the year that I’m going away on my trip” Sure enough, I figured it out and it’s supposed to come the exact day I leave, the 4th of February. The timing could NOT be worse, lmao. I read online that if I skip the sugar pill week of my birth control pills, and start my new pack of pills right away when I should be starting the sugar pill week, that my period will not come. I also asked my nurse and she said that should work. Has anyone ever tried this and did it actually work? I know I should be listening to what my nurse told me (I am) just want to hear if any girls actually tried this and had it work, or if it didn’t work. 

My periods aren’t even that bad (3 days of it being fairly heavy, but then it lingers on for about 2-3 days which is super annoying, like not enough for a tampon, but I’ll be wearing a bikini pretty much the whole time and can’t really wear a liner in the water. Just want to hear your stories with this method, as I’m going to try it anyways lol. Also did you still get cramps and stuff, or did it skip the period + it’s symptoms all together? Thank you in advance.

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