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My friend doesn’t like me anymore ?

Hi everyone, so it may not sound important, but he was one of my best friends. I’m not sure what happened. It was after lunch, him and another close friend (Michael), and I were walking back to class. And my close friend (Michael) and I were cracking jokes and laughing, I guess they were pretty cheesy but we were having fun. So he interrupts us, and said he “couldn’t stand us”, and walked the other way. That was maybe 3-4 days ago. Later on that same day, I asked him what was wrong and he completely walked past me. I attempted again after school. I asked him what I did wrong, and I apologized in advance. He said “nothing” and we just stared at each other until he walked off. Again, he’s never talked to me since, and he doesn’t let me sit by him. So I sat at another table instead. I’ve asked his friends to see what was wrong. And they said he didn’t say anything about me besides the fact I moved lunch tables. I feel really weird about this. He’s been talking to everyone else besides me. And he doesn’t look or act like he usually does. He acts kinda stiff, and sometimes he just stares at his phone when we’re about to walk past each other. Should I apologize again? Or should I wait for him to talk to me again? I haven’t been in a situation like this. This doesn’t sound important at all, but I’d like some advice on what you would do. Thanks for answering. It’s not like him to get mad and stop talking to me out of nowhere.

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    Sometimes, shunning a former friend is a power play, a move to dominate the former friend to gain an apology and some control over them. If you did nothing wrong, I'd question the mental health of the guy, and do absolutely nothing except be the bright star you have always been.

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    He's jealous! He saw the way you and Michael were laughing. He thought it was just him who had that relationship with you. He's upset. Maybe he doesn't even understand his own feelings. Maybe he feels he's in the way. Be wary of talking to others about this though because things can get twisted. This could have happened too.

    Just ask him. Say hey what's going on? I miss you! Are you avoiding me? I don't get it? Fancy hanging out? 

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