Soprano Weddings Songs?

Hello, my mother asked me to sing at her wedding in October, so I am looking for two songs to perform for her and the groom. I am classically trained, and the closest I can sing to pop is if it's a


princess from 1934, so arias and art songs would be preferable. I can hit a high C comfortably, and an A below middle C comfortably (not preferably) and I can sing in Italian, German, French, and well English. I know I want an English piece, but I am unsure


the other song. I am no Maria Callas by far, but I'm at the collegiate


and have a range of composers under my belt of repertoire. My mother is having a fantasy inspired wedding, loves the moon (it'll be a full moon at her wedding!) and we are


if that helps for song ideas. Please tell me any and all suggestions, they are appreciated! Thank you!

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Consult your voice instructor.

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